Headed Beanie Making

Headed Beanie Making
Headed Beanie Making

Headed Beanie Making

Headphone making and sample,
This year we have a cold and cold winter.
And on cold winter days, we need a hat to keep us warm.
I want to be as stylish as every woman is protected from the cold 🙂
This year’s fashion, the headphone beanie model prevents the cracking of our ears from the cold, and I feel happier for wearing a fashionable model. example.
Beanie supplies; Medium Thick Wool, Skewer no: 6

Headphone beanie construction;

For ears; 4 stitches are started. It is increased at the beginning of each row until 21 stitches, 2 knitted. At the beginning of the right ear, 8 stitches are thrown, 21 stitches are knitted, 20 stitches are thrown, left ear is joined, 21 stitches are left knitted, 8 stitches are discarded. Thus, the number of stitches becomes 78. After 27 rows are knitted, 78 stitches are divided into 6 equal pieces. The cutting process is done on the flat side of the knot. Rear stitching is completed and finished.
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