Single button bolero construction

Single button bolero construction
Single button bolero construction

Single button bolero construction

Single button bolero construction,
Especially in the spring and autumn, when the weather is cool, we will give an example of the one-button model of the boleros that we put on and give us a different air. Don’t be fooled by the blue color you will be very welcome again if you use it in pink or magenta yarn;)

Single button bolero construction:

weave the eight knots as two straight two reverse tires to be knit to our knit and weave the four knots from the seven stitches.
then we continue the weave, while the two stitches from the sides in the order of a four times a four stitches are cut, then nine times in each row will be made double-cut cuts When the cuts are finished on the top of the 27 stitches will be cut and the back piece will be finished sonra
27 to the next side of the knitting of the knitting of the next side of the next part will be three times two, three times, four times in a row of 1 stitching is done in the meantime, while in the back side of the rear part will be applied in the same way in the front part of the first double-threaded section of the upper part of the front While doing the four times twice at the edge of the collar once, five times the front of the cut will be cut.

87 knot weave to be started, three straight, two reverse, two straight, two opposite, two straight seven cm rubber in the form of a single row of flat weave on the tire is made after knitting, the example is
twelve stitches will be removed in the middle and the stitches are sewn to the front collar edge.

16 stitches to begin with the knot 3 stitches to the head three straight to the head 2 reverse 2 to be aligned eight rows to be straight after the knot will be opened in the middle of the 16 stitches to the center of the button when the tire 102 rows to be cut in the section of the province where the twelve will be sewn around the band collar will be left open
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