Large tables: Christmas recipes for 8 people

Large tables: Christmas recipes for 8 people
Large tables: Christmas recipes for 8 people

Large tables: Christmas recipes for 8 people

This year you are organizing a Christmas Eve and expect to be countless? To help you organize, we offer our best 8-person recipes and all our tips for a successful Christmas dinner!

At Christmas, the holiday menu deserves special attention. Original or traditional, easy to make by the great chefs or get inspired, Christmas dinner should also be considered by the number of guests … Here are good tips for great tables of special Christmas meals.
Forget cocktail drinks
If you are eight people at the Christmas table, we recommend that you do not bow to snacks dinatoires. This time-consuming tendency entails making astronomical amounts of verrine and other desserts. Instead, choose a Christmas entrance, served on a plate, such as a toasted bread and a nice foie gras.
Preference for large poultry
At Christmas, poultry turn into a tradition. 2 or 3 at the same time to avoid having to cook chicken, turkey, or a nice kapoor select a larger poultry, such as chickens. Filled, boiled or grilled, it will be enough to feed all your guests without blowing up the budget.
Unique dishes fall on
If you’re not wearing poultry at Christmas, don’t panic. There are many gourmet alternatives that will delight your guests without spending hours in the kitchen. The trick is to choose a unique meal that allows you to prepare large quantities without cooking the last minute. A shellfish fillet, truffle risotto, stuffed salmon, recipes are not missing.
Think about the diaries
A Christmas dinner always ends with a sweet note. Even if you’re eight years old at the table, there’s no way to get trapped! Our advice: Trust your Christmas record to meet the taste of your guests. When purchased homemade or commercially, they are usually stocked for everyone’s appetite. For example, you can try our super-easy homemade daily recipe or dare to be original with a frozen diary.

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