What is Jerusalem artichoke BENEFITS

What is Jerusalem artichoke BENEFITS
What is Jerusalem artichoke BENEFITS

What is Jerusalem artichoke BENEFITS

1) Make the skin look more shiny and beautiful by beautifying,
2) It polishes the hair and strengthens the hair in the washing of the hair with boiled water,
3) It is beneficial for diabetics because of lack of starch,
4) Good for hemorrhoids,
5) It is nourishing and increases body resistance,
6) It dissolves constipation and diuretic by making mucil
7) It is good for anemia with the nutritional values ​​it contains,
8) It provides regular operation of kidney, saffron and pancreas,
9) It softens the chest and cuts the cough.
10) Headache pain, rheumatic pain and chronic pain is good,
11) Breastfeeding mothers are used to increase milk and are good,
12) It is recommended to those who are dieting because they have a calorie which is low enough to be used as an intermediate meal for weight loss and diet.
13) The mash of the ground diamond, which is removed from the boiled porridge, is also good for the swelling if it is placed on the swellings 13
14) There is a significant amount of inulin in the diamond. Do not mix insulin with insulin. Inulin is an inhibitor of colon cancer and has very beneficial effects on the intestines.

The answer to the question of how to eat the apple is wondered by most people. If you have question marks on how to consume ground diamonds, you are exactly in the right place. Experts recommend that ground diamonds are usually consumed raw. The only way you can increase the flavor of ground diamonds is to add it to salads. You can also add ground diamonds to meals, which doesn’t mean that vitamins are completely lost. It can cause vitamins and minerals to be reduced.


This nutrient rich in folic acid, potassium, iron and fibers has 75 calories per 100 grams. The average size of the apple has a weight of 110 grams and a caloric value of 82.

A low-calorie nutritious carbohydrate in 100grams of 17.44 (g), Protein 2 (g), Fat 0.01 (g), Fiber 1.6 (g), Cholesterol 0 (mg), Sodium 4 (mg), Potassium 429 (mg) , Calcium 14 (mg), Vitamin A 20 (iu), Vitamin C 4 (mg), Iron 3.4 (mg). It contains.

It causes blockages in the bile duct. May cause allergic reactions. It causes gallstone production.

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