Wonderful Easter Donut

Wonderful Easter Donut
Wonderful Easter Donut

Wonderful Easter Donut

Ingredients for Great Easter Recipe Recipe
• 3 eggs will be allocated to drive on 1 egg yolk
• 250 mg milk cream
• 1 pack of dry yeast
• 1 packet of vanilla
• 1 teaspoon mahlep
• 1/2 (half) cups of powdered sugar
• 1 lemon zest
• 3, 5 cups flour with 250 mg cups
• Almonds or hazelnuts
• 1 teaspoon of cream
• 1 egg yolk

Wonderful Easter Recipe Recipe
I give you a great recipe for Easter buns. Make sure you’ll be successful on the first try. Before you start, I suggest you read the entire recipe thoroughly and look at the photos. And I’d say please follow the tariff.
Long recipe does not intimidate you only because of the full detail.
First we heat up your milk cream in the stove. Let’s separate a teaspoon of cream from the cream before driving it.
If it is hot, your dough may not swell.
Let’s get the cream we’re warming to the bowl
We put 1 egg and 3 egg whites on it (we will use the white to drive on the yolk of the eggs we bought.
Mahlep, Vanilla, Sugar, Melting
Lemon Crust
We put 3 cups of flour into the mixture we made with the help of wooden spoons.
We’re messing it up until it’s thick enough to stick to it.
We take our dough from our kneading machine
We’re kneading here for about five minutes.
If our finger is pressed and the pit immediately closes, our dough is thick
Put the base of the dough in our greased bowl and close the stretch film
We wrap the blanket as we do when yeasting yogurt, we wait for an hour to ferment
We will make 6 pieces of meringue after fermentation. Let’s cut the small gauze in the form of a braid, and make the ribbon equal.
Let’s knit the strips in the form of a braid.
Let’s prepare a bed to put the little braid in the middle of the big braid,
With two hands from the center of the hair weave slowly to the edges without disturbing the shape of the mesh, let’s place on this bed with a small hair braid and oil paper tray we put on the tray.
50 degrees in the oven for 45 – 50 minutes by holding the egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of the cream we take the mixture around
Sprinkle nut on filet
Let’s cook it for 30 -35 minutes.
The cream we put on the egg will give an incredible shine. You can do this in your pastries


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