Carrot cakes

Carrot cakes

Carrot cakes
I don’t know if he was famous at the time, but I heard from most of them that he was looking for a carrot cake recipe. He may have seen in the tray and they may have liked it.

Creamy and carrot cake recipe:

Necessary materials:

1 glass of sugar

4 eggs

2 cups carrot grater

2 cups of thinly drawn nuts

1 water glass measure of oil

1 packet of vanilla

1 packet of baking powder

as much flour as possible

Carrot cake making:

sugar and eggs are thoroughly whipped.

Carrot grated, hazelnut and vanilla are added to the sugar.

Flour and baking powder are sieved and mixed.

It is spread on a rectangular tray.

After cooling, the previously prepared cream is spread and spread on coconut.

For cream

2 pack of cig cream

2 cups of milk

1 tea cup candy

1 tbsp flour

4 full tablespoons of starch

1 pack of vanilla sugar

For over coconut

cream making:

Milk and starch and flour in a bowl until the lumps are mixed, sugar, cream and vanilla sugar is added to the middle of the heat is provided to be cooked.

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