Real Tiramisu Recipe

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Real Tiramisu Recipe

Yemekteyiz tiramisu dessert contest with the best of Italian cuisine is famous in Turkey also do not know how it was until I share with you today. I will leave you alone with a recipe for practical tiramisu, saying that it is a profit if it is returned.

* 1 piece ready cocoa cake cake
* 3 tablespoons of flour
* 3 tablespoons of sugar
* 1 piece of egg
* 1 glass of water Milk
* 1 pack of labne cheese
* 2 teaspoons instant coffee (like nescafe gold)
* 1 cup of hot water
* Cocoa

Preparation of:

1. Melt the coffee in hot water.
2. Place the bottom of the cocoa cake on the serving plate.
3. Wet the cake cake with half of the water.
4. Stir the flour, sugar, eggs and milk and cook until the custard is thick.
5. Before taking the custard from the cooker add the labne cheese and mix well.
6. Spread half of the custard on the cake cake.
7. Place the other half of the cake on the custard.
8. Soak the top pastry cake with the remaining coffee.
9. Broadcast on the remaining custard.
10. Sprinkle cocoa with tea strainer.

Honey get honey

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