Exotic Tabin Wildlife Travel

Exotic Tabin Wildlife Travel

I have a small backpack on my back. The laptop, just outside the Samsung Tablet, has only sarong, a spare t-shirt and some cleaning materials, sun cream, fly repellent spray, inflatable cushion. My foot is only flip-flops. Pants and a t-shirt. I’m willing to go camping in the woods without trekking shoes, head lamps, enough clothes! But I can say that; It’s easy and comfortable to leave my big backpack in Kota Kinabalu behind me, with a 20-liter small backpack and only flip-flops. I’ve been walking around for a week now. That’s why I can walk by bus or taxi for half an hour. The issue is the abandonment of old habits rather than a few Ringites. When you do this, you feel more free and flexible.

Yesterday from Lahad Datu city center to the airport, I went back and I came back. And now it’s time to go that way again, because yesterday I was surprised to see that it was closed when I went for a long walk and went to Danville Valley Field Center, and it was marketed for days! Half an hour later I was going in through the door of the office that was freezing inside. Danum said I wanted to go to the valley where the lady told me whether I have the necessary permission. Because the Valley was only open to scientists. Can’t I have a vet? She smiled at me and urged me to stop by the adjacent Borneo Rainforest Lodge office. I listened to him.

After seeing the Borneo Rainforest Lodge price list on the woman’s face unresponsively, I thanked her and moved back to the Danum Valley Field Center office. That’s what the prices are! You need to spend thousands of dollars to spend a few nights and valley travel! I wanted to help Susan in Danum Valley Field Center. Because I knew that there was a more affordable accommodation option where only the scientists and research students were staying, where limited visitors were allowed. Finally my clients worked and offered me a price list.

The price of going to the forests that have the richest living life in the world: RM91 ($ 54) overnight in the hostel, breakfast 29, lunch 36, dinner RM46, dinner if you take all three RM111 (65 TL). In short, one night’s accommodation and daily meals cost 100 TL. The price of sleeping with scientists in bed sharing dorm rooms does not end with that. You must pay RM50 (30 TL) for the parking permit and RM130 (TL 77) for the transfer. In short, the 2-night 3-day visit to the Danum Valley cost 350 TL. Is it worth? I believe it’s definitely worth it. The answer I received after saying. OK sadece to Susan has ruined my dreams, it was only 3 days a week, only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and there were facilities for transfers for only 7 people and it was full today. She said it was okay if I wanted to go on Wednesday. I had already stayed in a nightly needless L.Datu, I did not want to stay in this unnecessary city for 2 more nights. Thank you and I left.

I started a research in a restaurant with a wireless internet connection. What should I do? Should I wait, or should I jump over the Danum Valley. Then I think of my tent. The price list was written for Camping RM78. I also thought that I could cook my own food when I was there on the internet. In the meantime, I am trying to stay in Danum Valley, this place library, presentation and meeting rooms, recreation areas provide a very comfortable environment for scientists. I went back to the office thinking that I would benefit from this environment after the trip in the tent and forest. To do this, I thought I would be able to go back to Kota Kinabalu and take my backpack and tent and return here. I’ve just been thinking about it, because the campground rates are only for once every night. So if you stay in the tent while staying in the comfort dorm room is RM91 this is RM78 going on. There’s no difference.

I gave up on the cost of going to Danum Valley, as well as the need to wait 2 more days. I went to Tabin Wildlife Resort office located at the airport to get information about Tabin Wildlife which can be reached from Lahad Datu. After taking a look at the extended price list, I turned to the door. The cost of staying a few days in this wildlife park, which was offered as a package and no other accommodation option, was twice as much as I would spend on a trip to any Asian country.

Like the Danum Valley, Tabin Wildlife also has a very rich vibrant reserve. Some of the animal species living in the protected area in 1984 are in danger of extinction. Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Bison are among the three great mammals of Sabah and live here intensely. There are 220 kinds of birds in this 122 thousand hectare wildlife park, which is 48 km away from my home city of Lahad Datu. The place.

In the morning from 8:30 am to the evening, I spent my time using the internet, which is called Fajar, where there are only two lanes with the airport. I ordered the food called rati, which is similar to the observation, for both breakfast and lunch. It was nice with the morning egg and tea. In the afternoon, I said the one with honey, but they shouldn’t understand that they brought it from the egg, not a problem. Sometimes when you talk about what you want long, you smile and say ama okey ”but then you understand that they didn’t really understand when your order came. It’s okay, I ate it.

I decided to go from Lahad Datu to Sandakan, it was quite late. My intention was to hitchhike and hitchhike. I always say the Chinese are strange people. When I asked a Chinese man at the gas station, carrying my bag and gasoline on my back, asking how to get to Sandakan, he looked up at the sky and said after I thought a lot and I had to walk straight to the left. Or Sandakan was that way! I understood it, but I kept asking and asked how long I should walk. After looking at the sky and thinking ın I guess 1 day ük I got the answer. If I was to follow the road to the left I would arrive in 1 day! I haven’t heard any advice on the bus or the van. So I started to listen to his advice and start walking, but only to the stop.

When several trucks stopped, I stopped a jeep on the windshield where I saw ı Sandakan Dur. After a busy traffic, I was in Sandakan. The road took 3 hours. I paid RM30 to the driver. A small town in the mood of the town of Sandakan. When I saw the Sandakan Backpacker sign on the street, I walked in and looked at his room and it was clean. The price of RM30, including breakfast, was even higher than the capital Kota Kinabalu.

Sandakan is a fairly simple town set on the seaside. I picked one of the beachside restaurants and sat down. Young people had their cell phones filled in cafe restaurant. Everyone was focused on the cell phone. He played Elvis at high volume. I spent this interesting place as well as other customers enjoying the wireless internet.

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