Kota Kinabalu Holiday

Kota Kinabalu Holiday

Kota Kinabalu Holiday

You know, there are some cities, you know, when you step off, you’il start to like it when you breathe. You don’t know why, maybe you’re reminded of a city you love, you don’t know, or make you happy with a feature you’re not aware of. For me Kota Kinabalu was such a city.

We arrived at Kota Kinabalu from Miri to Maswings by ATR 72-500 small plane, passing through the Brunei skies, with beautiful sea and forest views. Instead of going to the taxi from the airport to the main road, we jumped from there to a minibus, then to another minibus at the inner city terminal. When we met in Sumatra, we hang out together in Kuala Lumpur, and we weren’t aware of each other, we settled on the second floor of an old building, recommended by Swiss Valentin, whom we were surprised to see each other on Tioman Island. Breakfast is included daily RM23 (14 dollars). There is even a nice library, free wi-fi internet at average speed. The rooms were small and the bunk beds were a bit cramped, but we were comfortable because there was no one else in our room. Its balcony is like a botanical garden, great. The fact that I had a kitchen to cook something in the hostel had been the reason I preferred it. The desire for some flavors was unbearable. Like an omelette at breakfast Sabah

The first evening we started to tour the city near sunset. That’s when I understood why I like K. Kinabalu. When you walk to the beach for 5 minutes from the hostel, you reach the sea shore and a beautiful wooden pier. On each side of the pier the young people enjoyed the sunset and the coolness. The smell of the sea caused me to remember Izmir, and the image was more like a cordon. This parable would be unfair to K.Kinabalu. Of course, a little to Izmir.

I wonder how many cities (capital) you have on the world, when you go on a boat for 20 minutes, on the cocoon and palm trees rainforest, white sand beaches, corals in the sea, hundreds of different fish have a few tropical island? The group of islands called Tenku Abdurrahman Park stands before us. If you replace the sea of ​​İzmir Kordon with a water of green-turquoise color and put millions of fish in it, you can match the line between Karşıyaka and Narlıdere with three to five different tropical islands. One must also start in Izmir Culture Fair Park and plant rainforest in Iran. To fix the temperature to 32 degrees in all seasons of the year.

However, in the face of Izmir’s size, K.Kinabalu may be a neighborhood. It doesn’t take you half an hour to walk downtown. I liked the city, which has a wide range of Chinese ethnicities, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Filipino people, and the smell is similar to Izmir and this is enough to remind my favorite city.

Everybody on the dock looking at us, smiling, waving. However, K.Kinabalu is the first city where many tourists landed or departed in Borneo. After Kuala Lumpur, the country has the busiest airport. Even when we started walking around the pier, the airplanes started to rise above our heads. While we were walking, some stopped us and took a picture, others were writing our facebook address. We went to the famous Filipino Market where we had dinner with local friends.

When you walk westward from the seaside walkway, you can reach the Central Market, then the Filipino Market and then the Night Market when you continue walking there. The Central Market is open until 6 in the evening, where you can find fish and vegetables and small handicrafts. Filipino Market is like a closed bazaar with small and cramped streets where cheap textiles, pearls and souvenirs are sold.

The Night Market, one of the most beautiful markets in South Asia, is not only open to Borneo, but also opens in the evening and closes in the middle of the night. Those who love seafood will love these outdoor restaurants, where smoke is rising from everywhere. Various kinds of fish, shrimps and lobsters are cooked in mangals and served immediately. Salash and cheap. I ate enough fish, salads and rice and I had a Coke. The account was $ 11 per person.

This city has stolen my heart with its magnificent sea and sunset views, the sea smelling air, the variety of flavors that appeal to your mouth, its calm and regular, its friendly and friendly people.


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