Let’s Go to Miri for a Holiday

Marudi’den Miri’ye

Let’s Go to Miri for a Holiday

We woke up in the beautiful view of the tent, the water leaked right near the water leaked water in our hands and went down to the city for breakfast. After breakfast we mixed with the crowd and watched the final competitions. In the contest that started from the lower part of the river, the rowers were loaded with paddles with all their forces. Mulu kayaking, which we are fans of, was only 4th in the competition.

At lunch, Nancy and her children accompanied us with the blood and urinalysis results I gave yesterday. The results are clean, no problem, continue to ride. Nancy brought me a sword as a gift from a handmade tribe hunt. I took the kids to the bathroom and drink a couple of times. I think she thought it might be nicer to think of it and give it to her. Although I did not like the tools of war, I received my gift by thanking. Traveling with it is going to be zür. It’s hard, fragile and sharp to fit in the bag. Do not ask the country at the entrance of the sword, why do you ask? he! He must find a way to send him home.

Since the races will end today, I decided to leave. My friend Farid will come with his friends at the Toyota exhibition in the evening by land. On my back my small rifle in my hand parang (traditional Sarawak knife) reached the pier with quick steps. When I arrived, the boat was about to move and even when it was full above the limit, there was no seat.

I waited for the next boat and lost 1-2 hours, and decided to go rather than wait in the oven. I went up on the boat, in a baggage storage area. To protect the sun from Sarongum, I wrapped myself in arabic style. This time, as a single iri monyet puti bir in my hand, parang, sarong on my head, the river beneath the burning sun, watching the river, listening to music and sleeping, after a 3-hour journey, I reached the miri pier.

I walked from the Miri pier to the main road. And I couldn’t tell which direction Miri was. First, across the road, then google mapi from my phone to go to the other side of the road hitchhiking. A van filled with stuff inside took me. It was enough for me to call the driver Miri, who was almost without English. You know, I didn’t see the sword in my hand. I’d be weird.

They picked me up at the bus stop of a shopping center outside the city and told me to get on the bus right behind us. Half an hour later, I was in downtown. Someone I met on the road wanted to know where and how I got the money, and the only question I asked was when I was coming up with the boat. He said it was a gift, so he advised me not to look around the city like that. What could I do? I stepped into my shoulder and went to The Highlands Host, where we had our backpacks. I took my own backpack before moving to another hotel nearby and then moved my friend Farid’s backpack. I wrapped the paper there in the paper. We were too far from the Farid Hotel. The roads are very distorted and crowded. Due to the return route of many vehicles, the dusts rising from the corrupted roads almost had to go slowly as they reset the sight.

When we returned from Mulu to Miri, we bought our ticket from the airport to the state of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Tomorrow Sarawak We will cross from Miri to Kota Kinebalu, Sabah.

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