Where are the Stairs of Heaven (Haiku Stairs) ?



Where are the Stairs of Heaven (Haiku Stairs)?

Haiku Stairs are located on the third largest island in Hawaii (Oahu Island). The island of Oahu is the most crowded island in Hawaii with about 75% of the population. Hawaii’s capital is on this island and at the famous Pearl Harbor.

This group, which is superior to other islands on the island of Oahu, is called the al Gathering Place O.

Exploring the Stairs of Heaven

The game of two volcanoes (Waiâ € ™ anae and Koâ € olau) on the island of Oahu. These two volcanoes, which belong to the island itself, leave a valley that stands for a year.

Haiku (Hailu Stairs), located at the top of Puukeahiakahoe Mountain, was built in 1940. Initially there is a radio antenna and stairs planning. During their stay in Hawaii, a little adventure and happiness of tourists looking for nature.

Some associations, which have been open to the public for over 30 years, have been working on renovations for years and the renewal of this heritage for the industry since the 1940s. .

Visit the Stairs Haiku (Haiku Stairs)

Even if the stairs ring is open, adventurers in life are banned. To decorate with one of the landscapes and for the lucky ones to reach an average of 3.922.

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