PANAN Winds and Clear Water Caves

Winds and Clear Water Caves

We left the village and returned to our boats. There are girls and women who wash and wash their laundry. We continued along the Melinau River and approached the pier for our next stop, the Wind and Clear Water Caves. We gathered in front of the Wind Cave and listened to the information our guide told us. This name is given in certain points of the cave due to strong wind breeze.

You feel very comfortable against the air flow from large spaces to smaller sections. In the cave you can visit the 350-meter walking path and explore the cave. Inside you can see interesting stalactites and stalagmites and limestone formations. One of the rocks that were interesting to me was the thousands of bulges that were close to the entrance of the cave. Interestingly, these sharp protrusions were extended to light from the entrance of the cave. Small mushrooms and plants that live on the rock, as I understand the formation of rock. A rock growing towards the light!

After visiting the Wind Cave, we reached the Berrak Water Cave in a 500-meter wood way from the bottom of the cave on the outside of the cave.

This cave flows through a river that runs along the river flowing over a distance of 170 kilometers before coming here from the bottom. Due to the lack of light in the caves, we couldn’t take good pictures because they were too big for flash photography and we didn’t have a tripod. It’s a pity that the photos we took can’t tell these beauties.

We went to the Clear Water Cave and leaned over the river. It is also a place where you can have lunch and swim in the clear green river. After an hour of lunch and a rest break, we continued on our way again in the direction of the river. Some parts of the river are very shallow. In front of the boat, a police officer manages the boat according to the long pole of the river and manages the motor boat behind the boat. In some shallow places, you can collide the boats of the boat with pebbles into the river.

At some points in the river, when our boat didn’t move, we started to jump from the boat. The other group members, who were Polish and joined the tour together, were prepared for this because they all had sandals. I tried to push the boat with bare feet. It was both difficult and painful to push the boat onto long pebbles and protect this powerful current and balance. We pushed the boat a couple of times. In one of these, I had to say goodbye to my flip-flops that I hadn’t missed in my handbag for 7 years because I made mistakes in walking with him in a strong shallow stream. But I really need him at camp.

Finally, we descended from the boat at a point where it was no longer possible to leave the river. From here, we need to reach the camp site by taking an 8 km walk. We added our walking shoes, insect repellent sprays to our bodies and set off. Our righteous is shallow and full of high trees. Some are weak and some are large enough to wrap the arms of several people together. The sounds of birds, frogs, insects and other creatures that live in the forest are playing in your ears.

The footpath was smooth, no climbing or hardly a spot, and we kept walking at high tempo. Sometimes we walk one by one from the suspension bridges on the river. The weather is very humid and warm, even on this straight road, it is tiring enough to walk with plenty of water.

I saw a movement in front of my foot in the middle of our walk, and I told my friend, who was walking the road behind me, to stop at Farid with a reflex. At that moment we realized that what was moving between us was that it belonged to the serpent trying to carry the frog he hunted. When you say snake, don’t let this big and huge creature come alive. It was a small and thin snake that was hard to distinguish from brown, grass and tree roots. He was struggling to carry the big toad he hunted. We don’t know if he’s poisonous, but if he was paralyzed by the big frog he’d been hunting, he would have poisoned him.

As far as I know, we were on the island with the most snake species in the world. Actually, I always wanted to see the snake. Yeah, I like snakes. There are many cobra and python snakes in this region. Actually I would like to walk and see tours to see the python but unfortunately did not. At least this little snake had been falling into my passion. When we were walking, we didn’t know that this snake was almost a small pup. I took a branch and checked the frog, he could move his feet, he was alive, but he could not escape. After moving the frog a bit away on the walking path, we continued on our way. Snake was also thrown towards his prey immediately and began to drag his prey.

After an exhausting 8km walk we finally arrived at the campsite. Located in a beautiful valley, right on the edge of the river, this campsite is right across from the building and has a lush green mountain. There was also a steep slope behind us. In a few rooms, there are mats on the bench, which are set up on the heights. Up to 20 people can sleep comfortably in these areas under the roof without doors and windows. Those who desire mosquito nets can rent here. The kitchen is large, you can find drinking water, hot water, cutlery, plates and kitchen utensils like loopholes. They also have the equipment for cooking.

After choosing one of the mats and leaving our stuff there, we dropped ourselves into the cold water of the river. My body was actually relaxing, relaxing and refreshing as it was immersed in a conservative cold water taken from the fire. After half an hour of cool water in the cold water of the river, we cut our sarong and cut it a bit. There are more than 20 travelers in the camp. While some of them had completed the climb of The Pinnacles, there were groups like us who had just arrived. Some visitors rented their own private guide.

We were told that we had to take our food for ourselves, but we actually learned that those who work here can provide food for those who desire. Prices are reasonable although more expensive than ever. If I knew, I didn’t eat with us. There were biscuits, 5 noodles, 2 liters of orange juice, 2 bottles of drinking water, tea and bananas. It was not easy to walk 8 km from the forest. Before we go, maybe we should do more research, which is hard for me. I’m one of those who gave me more.

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