Adventure in Indonesia

Adventure in Indonesia

Because it is a country with Indonesian islands and tropical climate, it is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. When you think of the Indonesian holiday, it is a holiday land where you can make all kinds of touristic activities, from the uninhabited islands to the green nature.

During your trip to Indonesia, you can visit the unique historical places of Indonesia, dive into Jakarta nights or Bali nights, or marry your girlfriend or spouse on golden beaches. Due to the fact that Indonesia is the most well-known tourist place of Bali Island, you can find many activities fun and places for tourists in Bali Island.

Throughout the history of Indonesia, this unique country, which has a rich and multifaceted rich culture formed by the influence of the colonial period, is waiting for us to be discovered.

Normally, the Indonesian government that the public burgundy passport holders citizens of the Republic of Turkey to be given a 30-day visa despite the risk of not paying the entrance there are benefits to getting your visa from Indonesia or not. If you are going to stay longer than one month, you will not have a problem if you get a visa before going to the visa in the country to extend the duration of your stay in the nearest immigration office on the same day you can extend without any problems. You can receive a visa extension from the Imigration Office for an English-only period of 30 days.

When it comes to other Indonesian passport holders with the Republic of Turkey Turkey accordance with the agreement signed between the governments since 2013, and a total of 90-day stay in 6 months maximum 30-day visa-exempt portions of each entry is kept.

How to Get to Indonesia:

Unfortunately, because there is nonstop flights between Turkey Indonesia because Indonesia to reach with direct flights of Turkish Airlines or any other airline, it is possible. Your flight will vary from 16 hours to 32 hours, depending on the number of airlines and transfers you select. It is recommended that you take your flight ticket by calculating that after a period of 17 hours you will arrive in Indonesia with a normal transit time.

Important Cities of Indonesia:

Since Indonesia is an islands of more than 13 thousand islands, we can count the major big islands in Indonesia for Sumatra Island, Selebes Island, Java Island, Borneo Island and half of New Guinea Island.

The major cities of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, Medan, Makassar, Surabaya, Semarang and Denpasar cities.


Indonesia Places to Visit:

1- Gunung Kavi Temples: These 11th century Temples on the island of Bali are also known as the Valley of Kings.

2- Prambanan Temple: Located in the island of Java in the middle of Surabaya, Jakarta and the capital of Java, Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia built in the 9th century. Prambanan Temple is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3-Borobudur Temple: The Borobudur Temple in the island of Java, located in the Yogyakarta Special Region, located in the middle of the city of Jakarta and the city of Surabaya, is known as the Buddhist Temple which is the largest single piece of the world. The Borobudur Temple, which is very close to the Prambanan Temple, was discovered two centuries ago and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

4- Tanah Lot Temple: This interesting Tanah Lot temple, located on the shore of the island of Bali, is built on the rock by the sea. The Temple of Tanah Lot attracts a lot of tourists.

5- Bali Safari and Marine Park: Bali Safari and Marine Park is located on the island of Bali.

6- Goa Gajah Mabet Cave: The Goa Gajah Mabet Cave on Bali Island was built in the 9th century. Another well-known name of the Goa Gajah Mabet Cave is the Elephant Cave. UNESCO is listed on the World Heritage list.

7- Taman Sari Fortress: Taman Sari Fortress, located in Yogyakarta Special Region in the middle of the city of Jakarta and Surabaya on the island of Java, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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