About Our Hair

About Our Hair
About Our Hair

About Our Hair

About Our Hair
Hair contains 50.65% carbon, 20.85% oxygen, 17.14% nitrogen, 6.36% hydrogen and 5% sulfur. It also contains magnesium, arsenic, iron, chrome and many other metals and minerals.
– Hair has more carbon than blond hair.
Our hair is about 1.5 cm per month. In addition, 15-30 years of age and women’s hair growth is faster.
The normal lifespan of a hair strand is 4-7 years.
– Hair loss is a daily and normal event. It is an ordinary occurrence of about 75-150 wire hair shed daily.
– The number of hair strands in your head depends on the natural color of your hair.

90,000 redhead
Black haired 108,000
Brown Hair 140,000
And there are more than 140,000 wire hairs of blondes.
The bigger the size of your head, the more hair you have.
Under normal conditions, dry hair can be extended by 1/5 of its length without breaking.

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