Beautiful Marriage Proposal

Beautiful Marriage Proposal
Beautiful Marriage Proposal

Beautiful Marriage Proposal

What was the moment of opening up to someone that everyone loved? Everything is said and the word does not come to the point. Birds, shots, mention of the impressive words can not be said about.

Should I offer men? Should I offer women? We don’t think that’s important. But it can give an idea about whether people are conservative. If the man does not take courage from the woman, he may be hesitant to offer. If it does not receive a light, there may be difficulties in proposing if there is no experience and trust.

Men make reasonable decisions about opening to their loved ones. Women are more emotional. Men make sure that the opposite sex has a beautiful face, colorful eyes, large breasts and wide hips. How can people make reasonable decisions by paying attention to these external appearances. The male may think about how to care for his wife in the future. She might think how happy she’d be to her husband. It can minimize future risk and protect its wife and children. Women want to be loved by wanting to protect the emotional side of showing the logical aspects. Perhaps they are making thin plans that men can never think of.

According to the ancients, they marry without seeing each other for the first time on the first evening they saw the faces of the person they married. A mother’s son to his son as a daughter goes to the hammam would be the bride’s hand to be properly and firmly looks at the leg. Lovers of the garden, hidden in nooks, meet at nooks. Meeting at a bakery corner is quite a lot later. Moments of warm talks, face-to-face meetings.

Nowadays there is so much communication means that people can not find their own wife is so interesting to show the point where our society comes from. It is very interesting that people who do not like face-to-face communication and get into the programs of marriage through telephone, computer phase and television.

No more romance. Where do those serenades under the balcony, sing songs, songs, impress your loved one? Where are those shyness? Men to follow the girls? Girls, if they liked and loved the ones who followed, they would give a signal by dropping a white handkerchief to reveal it. Where is he courtesy, where is he kind?

In old, worn-out love, there are now cold feelings like houses, cars, cottages. He does not criticize human emotions and states that he does not like lacking ad ‘I don’t get electricity ığ eleşt by embracing the concepts lacking emotion.

All the features of a nation are destroyed one by one. Our social traits and traditions are disappearing one by one. Of course, there were great old garbage. Neighborhood ties disappeared before family ties. There is also a brand new sector right. The matchmaking had one. He had a rough name. That was a very shame in the society. Society had a certain dignity. Now each value is disappearing one by one. Now they have a line of business, a sector, and such a program on every television channel.

We have people who don’t like someone in a short time or as long as they don’t like them. In this unemployment environment bread from the water from hand to hand, slackens the snow of laziness.

Satisfied with the field we are pleased with the purchase, we’re sticking the beehive into the beehive.

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