What is the profession suitable for the character?

What is the profession suitable for the character?
What is the profession suitable for the character?

What is the profession suitable for the character?

What is the profession suitable for the character? Choosing the right profession will shape your life. If you have questions such as which business should I go to which profession, you are in the right place. the survey revealed which personality trait was appropriate for the profession. Professions appropriate to your specifications Özellikler

It is important to be able to perform that profession while determining the profession that we love. For example, not everyone can sing, not everyone can be a player, not everyone can be a good salesperson or everyone can be a manager. Our training, our skills, our way of upbringing; Our ”personality traits etkili are also effective experts in performing our profession correctly and being happy in that profession. One of the most important details in choosing a person is the self-knowledge, determination of the strengths and weaknesses and acceptance of the personality traits.
occupations u According to the survey, it was researched which professions are suitable for people with different personality structure. According to the responses of the participants in the survey of 4 thousand 557 people, the people who are introverted are software experts, the people who are extroverted are marketing, the prescriptors are the bankers, the devoted people are the teachers, the creative persons are the advertisers, the authoritarian persons are the managers, the compatible persons are the secretaries, and the talented people are suitable for being cooks. According to the results of the survey carried out by.
Most devoted people choose teaching

Inward: 20 percent with a software specialist, with 19 percent accounting – finance, with 15 percent Cook, 11 percent with Web master, with a 9 percent charter.

Outward-facing: This personality structure is followed by marketing with 30 percent, journalists with 11 percent, human resources experts with 10 percent, advertisers and tourism providers with 8 percent, lawyers with 6 percent.
Regularity / Rule: 25% of these people with the banker, 18 percent of the executive assistant, such as suitable for the profession, while 11 percent of the lawyer, 9 percent with the project manager, 8 percent of teachers and accountants are watching.

Altruistic: 36 percent of teachers, 27 percent of doctors and 20 percent of nurses, such as nurse ve opposite people yüzde is important to think about the profession.

Innovative / Creative: These people, with 28 percent of the advertiser, with 16 percent of architects, such as suitable for architects, 15 percent with graphers, 14 percent with 13 percent of marketing engineers are watching.

Authoritarian: 24 percent of the project manager / manager, 20 percent with the profession of lawyer is appropriate, with 16 percent of teachers, 13 percent with the banker, with 11 percent of human resources, and 10 percent with the executive assistant follows.

Compatible persons: As a secretary with 28 percent, 25 percent work in the field of human resources.

Analytical: These people are engineers with 33 percent, with 26 percent accounting / finance, such as muhasebe numerical intelligence mühendis is important to the profession.

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