Causes of Wetting Under Sleep

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Causes of wetting the sleep during sleep, the child to sleep asleep under the causes? Is this family guilty? What should be done. The answer to all these questions is answered by experts.

President of the Child Nephrology Association Dr. Oğuz Söylemezoğlu warns families about bed wetting in children and adolescents!

What is bedwetting and how often?
Bed wetting is not normal in a child who is five years old. In this case, the sleeping child’s bed wetting is involuntary, meaning unwittingly shows that nocturnal enuresis problem.
About 100% of every 100 children of this age wet their sleep underwater. In one of the eighteen-year-old 100 people can continue this problem.

Causes bed wetting?
The control of the urinary bladder and urinary tract muscles is done by the nervous system. Night urine control;
• Detection of urine during sleep,
• Keeping the amount of urine produced at night at the appropriate level, maturation of the central nervous system,
• Development of bladder and related muscles and
• Some substances produced in the body are associated with not being secreted sufficiently.

factors affecting urinary retention related to the function mentioned above is known to play a role in the emergence of multiple causes of bed wetting problem. Some of the children who wets the bed of parents say that their sleep is heavy. Indeed, children with bedwetting problems fullness of the bladder during sleep in a significant part, in other words not felt the need to urinate. The child from pee does not wake up. As a result, the child feels paced in his sleep and pee reflexly without waking up.

In some children wetting the night urine was found to be more than normal. If the urine is produced at night, the bladder capacity is exceeded and there is a need to pee in sleep. When this situation is combined with the heavy factor of sleep, night wetting is observed.
In some children wetting night gold, a urinary bladder disorder is detected. It needs to wake up to pee in the sense of jamming from occurring as sudden accumulations of urine during the filling of the bladder to the timeless wee leads to wetting the bed.

Is the child and family guilty?
Bed wetting is not a conscious behavior of your child. The causes of bedwetting are malfunctions which cannot be controlled by your child. It doesn’t mean that the parents didn’t teach them well. The problem of wetting the gold is related to the delay of maturation of some functions related to urine control during the growth of the child.

If a parent reacts to a child’s bed-wetting reaction or chooses to punish the child, it may lead to deepening the problem rather than solving the problem.
Reasons for wetting the bed at night are not the child’s fault or the family’s fault, but they should be treated. For the right treatment, medical specialists should be consulted by experts.

Is bedwetting based on psychological reasons?
Contrary to the general belief, night wetting is not an inconvenience caused by psychological problems. However, it is known that wetting at night can lead to psychological problems in the child. It is not possible to think that a child who reacts by his environment because of the wetting of his underwear, who cannot go on vacation at another place, who cannot go on vacation, is not affected psychologically. Night wetting in children is seen as the third most traumatic event after parents divorce and quarrel. Therefore, the problem of wetting in the children who are older than five years of age should still be treated.

Is it possible to cure?
Bed wetting is an annoying situation that sometimes causes the subject not to be talked about in the family. In this way, closing the top makes the treatment of the problem difficult and causes tension in the family. It is not right to expect the bedwetting problem to pass by itself. It is both necessary and possible to treat this condition, which can leave the child in a mental condition.

Bed wetting can be treated with medication. Desmopressin named drug is used in drug treatment. In some of the children wetting the gold, the substance called ADH, which is responsible for reducing the urine production at night, cannot be made enough. Desmopressin is used to eliminate the deficiency of ADH in the body, so that the bladder is not filled enough to reveal the urine during the night. Desmopressin treatment in the form of tablets that dissolves in the mouth is extremely easy to use in children.
In addition to drug therapy, there are also other treatment methods that can be added to the control of alarm devices and specialist physicians.

Remove the problem of bed wetting from your family, contact the experts of the subject at the health facility that suits you best.

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