Da Vinci Sleep (Multi-Phase Sleep Theory)

Da Vinci Sleep (Multi-Phase Sleep Theory)
Da Vinci Sleep (Multi-Phase Sleep Theory)

Da Vinci Sleep (Multi-Phase Sleep Theory)

Multi-phase sleep (MFC), which can also be called Da Vinci Sleep or upper human sleep, is a type of sleep aiming to reduce the daily sleep time to 2/5 hours. We do this by separating the sleep into short sleep pieces of 20/25 minutes.

The adaptation process to the CFU requires 1/2 week transition and adaptation, which is very difficult for human physics and biology. According to the experience of independent individuals it is claimed that there is no decrease in the level of consciousness or alertness, whereas a few hours of sleep is quite sufficient for a long day. On the other hand, the MFA requires an extreme program that seems to be undesirable for most people.

There are very few regular scientific studies on the CFU. Many of them are based on arguments and arguments of independent experience.


Regular single phase sleep consists of several stages. Some include periods that are not essential in their natural formation. The CFO practitioners and advocates suggest that the brain will enter the sleep process much faster by keeping the priority adaptation process under control. Once you learn how to adapt to one time, you will only be able to sleep comfortably with short periods of sleep.

Bot competitors who have to spend a long time at sea use a similar method to get out of the danger of sleeping. Astronauts use similar strategies in times of crisis. It is a fact that in the National Aeronautics and Astronautics Department and the US Army uyku especially those in the Navy Ulusal adopted this type of sleep.

Experience brings perfection

Based on Claudio Stampiadans current EPU users and scientific proofs, the vast majority of fatigue can be bypassed in about 10 days, and the effect of a 2-week program will be completely eliminated. However, individuals who participate in the tests frequently fall asleep and the adaptation process cannot succeed as desired. At the end of the last 2 weeks, he remains tired and many of them helplessly drop the test. Those who choose not to leave the experiment after the 19th day of this experiment eat the fruits of this type of sleep and make it a lifestyle. A group of them, including Steve Pavlina, wanted to leave this experiment on the 14th day.


According to a book by Claudio Stampi, in cases of insomnia, the CFU measurements show that it helps to increase the use of mental and analytical capabilities compared to single-phase sleep. According to Stampi, the development of such an adaptation process leads to the development of an evolutionary orientation. Stampi is concerned with the hypothesis that multi-phase sleep is the sleep preferred by our ancestors thousands of years ago, without adaptation to the CFU.

There are two schools that are relevant to how the ROU harmonization affects sleep patterns. It is suggested that the first ek REM sleep (which is the time we see and remember the dreams) is the most important stage and that the body needs this stage several times in a day, so that during the short sleep period, all of the REM is taken by the sleepers using the CFU. The other school, which claims that the body has entered different sleep levels in different sleep sections, is doing research to find more important stages on the users.

The popular idea among MPU advocates is the idea that REM sleep is essential. Perhaps this is due to the fact that some of the sleep assumptions that REM sleeps in general affect the refreshment of consciousness. The role of REM sleep has been discussed in recent years. According to the sources, REM sleep is the most important stage of the sleep event or is essential for health. It is evident that single-phase or multi-phase sleep will not be beneficial without REM sleep.

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