First Symptoms of Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of pregnancy, when begins pregnancy symptoms

As the first signs of pregnancy, there is a change of emotion in women. both psychologically and physiologically, you must enter into a change and prepare yourself.

With the onset of pregnancy, physical and psychological changes in women begin rapidly.
Pregnant women who begin to feel the change in the body slowly, this situation may be very common at first. Well, let’s examine what differences begin to appear.

No menstrual bleeding while pregnant. The absence of menstrual bleeding may be due to other reasons, but usually shows pregnancy.

The breasts have fullness and tingling. Many women feel this kind of thing before menstruation.

By the sixth week, many women feel nausea. Generally, nausea becomes more severe during the first pregnancy.

You need to urinate more often when you are pregnant.

It is common for you to feel tired and sleepless at the onset of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the pregnancy, you may feel a rust taste in your tongue.

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