Formations in Pregnancy

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Formations in Pregnancy
Types of hospitalization when you are pregnant, lying positions when you are pregnant, there are some things you need to pay attention to bring your baby to the healthy world.
Experts, the right side of the pregnant or lying on his back warned of the risk of stillbirth.
According to the experts, these positions taken during sleep limit the supply of oxygen to the developing baby, leading to more pressure on the vessels.

Risk 2 times higher
This can trigger a situation known as ’late stillbirth iyor after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Experts from New Zealand found that the risks of stillbirth were twice as high as the expectant mothers who were lying on the left side of the mothers lying on their back or on the right side at night. The research team published in the British Medical Journal examined 500 women’s pregnancies. British expert Doctor Lucy Chappel from King’s College also praised the study and urged further research. However, there are experts who do not find the work convincing.

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