How is Constipation in Babies? Treatment Methods

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What should you do when your baby is constipated? How does constipation go? Your baby should be done to avoid constipation. You will find the most detailed answer to all the questions you are curious about, but remember that the information is a recommendation and you should always ask your doctor.
Why Babies Become Constipated
The damage caused by the constipation to the baby is that the feces damage and irritate the hair. The child does not want to be exterminated because of the pain he has heard and therefore increases constipation. However, educating the child in a repressive manner on the toilet may cause the child to refuse to do poop.

Causes of constipation in infants

Functional constipation (inadequate bowel movements due to insufficient functioning of the autonomic nervous system and consequently slowing the passage of stool)
Side effects of drugs,
Tissue and muscle diseases,
Disturbances in the digestive system,
Cell anomalies,
Hormonal disorders (especially low secretion of thyroid hormone), Psychological or psychiatric disorders can be shown.
How to Fix Constipation in Babies

Give your baby a laxative medicine and adding sugar to the baby’s bottle are the most common mistakes mothers make. Never implement these methods.
If your baby is taking formula food, constipation preventive foods can be chosen or a phantom can be added to the formula.
In warm weather, drink plenty of water or juice.
Do not leave your baby sitting for a long time. Before you sit down, moisturizing around the breech and sitting baths will make it easier for your baby to
The most important reason for constipation is food. If your baby is available, eat plenty of fiber foods. Vegetable, fruit, whole wheat bread, oat, corn, such as fiber foods, especially bowel movement by providing constipation increases.
Taking some food from your baby may increase your constipation even further. Of these, milk comes first. A baby with constipation should not drink milk. But it is beneficial to drink honey or fig milk with your hungry abdomen in the morning.
Two tablespoons of flaxseed per day in water for half a day, you can boil and boil with water. This method is one of the applications used to treat constipation.

Even when the mother grows up the habit of defecating the child, she has to follow her diet. The treatment of very early constipation is very easy compared to the late ones. In addition, constipation should be observed closely and if your baby is suffering from poop, or if there are traces of blood in her undergarment, she must be referred to a doctor.

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