How to Make Hair Removal During Pregnancy

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How to make hair removal during pregnancy, women who want to get rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy, Hair removal techniques and methods of application are explained in an explanatory way. Hormone changes during pregnancy can cause hair growth around the abdomen and the nipple and other unwanted hair growth. If you do not take the hair that is formed on the abdomen or nipple by means of tweezers or razor blades, they are usually poured spontaneously after birth. The methods applied for other hairs may have various disadvantages or some points need to be considered.

Needle Hair Removal: Electrolysis

There are no studies showing the reliability of electrolysis during pregnancy. Due to the lack of information on the effects on the fetus, experts recommend that the method of electrolysis be avoided during pregnancy. However, if you are determined to apply the electrolysis method, you should avoid epilating around the breast and abdomen in the last three months. Two types of current are used in needle hair removal: thermolysis and galvanic. Thermolysis may also be called diaterm, radio wave, short wave or high frequency. In the electroplating method, an electric current is circulated between the person and the device. This method should not be used in pregnancy because amniotic fluid may act as a conductor. We do not recommend hair removal with laser or needle epilation and chemical methods during pregnancy. In any case, you should always consult with your doctor before taking the needle epilation application and take action according to his / her recommendations.

Laser Hair Removal in Pregnancy

In laser hair removal, dark pigments in the hair are targeted and thermal and / or mechanical damage to the hair follicle. There are not enough scientific studies evaluating the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. Therefore, due to the lack of information about the effects on the fetus, the experts recommend that the method of laser hair removal be avoided during pregnancy.

Waxing in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your skin may react differently than before. The use of a relaxing antiseptic solution before and after the wax may reduce the sensation of burning or stinging as the skin may be more sensitive in pregnancy. It can also help prevent infection, reduce irritation and redness. Women often find the wax more suitable and comfortable than depilatory creams or gels. In general, although there are no problems with pregnancy in the network, it may be necessary to consult your doctor first, as it may be necessary to avoid waxing because of certain conditions specific to your pregnancy.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are not recommended for use in pregnancy due to the chemicals they contain. Although there is no evidence that these substances are harmful, it is not shown that they are not harmful by scientific studies. If you decide to use a depilatory cream in consultation with your doctor, as with any cosmetic product, you should first try a small part of your skin to see how your skin will react in depilatory creams. However, the smell of chemicals in both depilatory creams can be very uncomfortable for pregnant women and can also lead to a rare allergic reaction. Therefore, your environment should be very well ventilated and you should pay attention to the timing so that chemical burns do not occur.

Razor blade

While the app is not the most comfortable method during pregnancy, razor is always the cheapest, easiest option. If you have decided to use razor blades, you may need to get help from your partner. To make your skin soft and supple, you should use a good moisturizing cream containing vitamin E every day.

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