How to Open Nasal Obstruction in Infants

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How should nasal congestion in infants open up, how should the baby be first obstructed? how is the nasal congestion in the baby?
Perhaps this is the most difficult period for a mother, what mama places to sleep without stopping networks, we understand better in this period how hard and sacred concept of motherhood.
Nasal sprays have a certain time of use, then you can not use sprays. Our doctor recommended the baby as a nasal aspirator.

It really works. In babies, how do you draw a nasal congestion and you are taking this tool and babies are breathing comfortably. I will give you detailed information about Otri bebe nasal aspirator.

Keeping your child’s nose clean is an important process, because your child can breathe comfortably, and at the same time, inflammation of the otitis and sinusitis can be prevented by the clogged nose.

OTRİBEBE The Nasal Bebe Aspirator is designed to remove the nasal congestion that irritates your baby. It is easy to use, safe and hygienic. Thanks to OTRİBEBE, your baby will breathe comfortably and feel better.

When to use:

Aspiration should be done as often as possible when your baby’s nose is blocked. To ensure better clearance of the nostrils, we recommend that you apply sea water (Rhinomer Force -1) to your child’s nose before starting the procedure.
Nasal Aspirator Parts:


1. Insert the replaceable tip into the middle of the aspirator.
2. Insert the tip of the aspirator into the baby’s nostril.
3. Using the mouthpiece, pull it slowly and steadily.
4. Apply the same procedure to the other nostril.
5. Remove the replaceable tip after use and replace it.


It should be kept out of reach of children. They contain parts that children can swallow.
Store at room temperature.
Wash hands before use.
After each use, the tip should be discarded and a new replacement tip should be installed.
No tools should be used if damaged parts are present.

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