How to Remove Gas Pill in Infants

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How to remove gas pains in infants,
Mothers are damned when their babies are suffering from gas pains. That kind of baby hurts inside. So how long does it take? How does it go? What are the reasons? Here are some information to help you.

Causes and treatment of gas pains in infants kork In babies who have parents’ fearful dreams, gas pains are the most common disorder of infancy.

It usually occurs between 0-4 months. The most common period is between fifteen days and two months. In the first four months after the birth of the gas pains in every baby is not seen underlines the incidence of gas pains in infants is around 10%. In other words, gas pain is seen in only one of ten babies. It is not very common as it is thought.

The idea of ​​gas pains in every baby that comes to mind first is completely wrong. How many of the mother’s baby’s night is turned into a nightmare

Colic crying is different from normal crying.

Another name of the gas pain in infants is the infantile colic. The baby in the gas pains in healthy infants usually begin with the evening sundown and the cause of unknown cries of unreasonably severe crying crises. These crying bouts can happen every evening. Or crying spells that can be seen several days apart can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Cries are not continuous. From time to time the baby stops and cries again after a few minutes. This seizure does not want to suck the baby during the seizure can take his legs up to his stomach, the face may blush and eyebrows can be wrinkled face to face. These pains and crying are sometimes very severe and sometimes lighter. Colic crying is different from normal crying and the baby cries for a long time without being calmed r

Mother should take care of her food

Smoking has been shown to be a factor that increases the gas pain in infants.

The mother should be restricted to eating caffeine-containing coffee and tea, such as cola and chocolate.

Mother’s carbonated drinks milk and dairy products dried legumes spicy foods onion garlic cabbage broccoli carnivorous balse cabbage

For treatment

Mother embracing her baby

Listening to baby music

Mother’s nin doll or singing

Massaging the baby’s abdomen with warm oil

Baby strollers

Shaking in Cradle

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