How to wear eyelashes? Tips

How to wear eyelashes? Tips
How to wear eyelashes? Tips

How to wear eyelashes? Tips

How to wear eyelashes ?, Long eyelashes are the easiest way to look at the more impressive looks and eyes. If you want to use false eyelashes, learn tips and tips will be at your disposal.

After adjusting the eyelash to your eyes, put the adhesive in the lash box and place it on your lashes using tweezers. Attach the eyelash with gentle movements with the help of tweezers to make the false eyelashes appear natural. Push the eyeliner down with the tip of the fine-handled make-up brush. Wait approximately 2 minutes for the eyebrow to dry.

After attaching the false eyelashes, black or white spots will form on your eyelids. To eliminate this image, you must go over your eyelashes or eyelashes.

Fold your eyelashes with the eyelash curler to make the eyelashes and your eyelashes look and integrate naturally. Apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Replacing eyelashes is a product that you can easily use when you repeat it several times. After trying, you will admire the fascinating change in your eyes.

Now let’s see what the tips of the creeping eyelashes are.

1- Choose the best eyelashes for your personality. If you like simplicity, wear a few individual lashes. For more spectacular results, try all and frequent lashes, such as lashes.

2- You will get used to wearing lashes. Therefore, develop yourself by fitting and removing the appropriate lashes.

3- Put your lash on your own eyelash. Cut the part longer than your hedgehog with scissors.

4- Hold the eyelash with tweezers and apply the adhesive to the bottom. Close your eye and gently stretch the skin on the outside of your eye to place the false eyelash over your own eyelash.

5 Put the eyelashes just before leaving the house and do not touch it if you want them to last all night

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