Permanent Methods of Prevention of Pregnancy

Permanent Methods of Prevention of Pregnancy

If you do not intend to have a baby anymore, the most appropriate method is to connect the tubes.
Connecting Tubes (egg channels) in Women:
This procedure, also called tube ligation, is the surgical connection or closure of the ducts between the uterus and the ovaries. Thus, the egg thrown from the ovaries is prevented from encountering sperm, fertilization is strictly prevented. The woman who ties her tubes begins to be protected immediately and cannot get pregnant. It requires a small operation, no return. Anesthesia is applied. Does not affect the order of the order. Does not affect sexual life and desire.
Pregnancy is an ideal method for women who are mentally and physically inconvenient.
Surgical operations to return after the tubes are attached have little chance of success. After connecting the tubes, those who want to get pregnant again are recommended to have a IVF method.

Connection of Sperm Channels in Male (Vasectomy):

This intervention, also called vasectomy, is the interruption or attachment of the channels through which the sperm passes. It requires a small operation, no return. It is performed by the urologist under local anesthesia, the procedure lasting 15-20 minutes is bloodless and painless. It does not require hospitalization. It does not cause a decrease or change in masculinity, nor does it affect sexual desire and hardening. The amount and appearance of the male menu does not change, but there is no sperm cell in the semen that now provides fertilization. Guardian does not start immediately. In the first 20 post-operative intercourse, there should still be a live sperm cell within the semen, so it should be protected in the early stages. It is an ideal method for the spouses of women who do not want more children or who are pregnant in terms of health.
Side effects such as susceptibility to local anesthetic, infection at the site of operation, hematoma (blood collection) and pain are very rare.

Questions and answers in minds;

· Is the withdrawal method an effective method of contraception?

The most commonly used method in the world, especially in backward countries, is the preferred method of contraception ül koitus interruptus kullanıl. The frequent error in using this method is that sperm are thought to be present only in the ejaculation fluid (semen). However, in the pre-ejaculation period (before ejaculation) there is a small amount of sperm in the small amount of transparent and slippery fluid flowing out of the penis. And in healthy men, even a small number of sperm can be enough to start the pregnancy.

* Can be conceived without a real union (vaginal junction)?

It is possible to conceive without a real merger. This is a very low probability, but especially in the discharge close to the entrance of the vagina, the sperm ejected from the penis at a certain speed out during ejaculation, and this is also a sperm
part of the vagina, from here into the genital canal
advancing the partner may cause pregnancy.

* Do the next day after the use of pills is broken?

After the use of these pills, there is a change of order. Usually a few days after the pills are used. In the following months, the order is normal.

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