The ratio of gifted people to the total population is about 2-3 percent. According to experts, intelligence does not change according to races. It is argued that the American is no smarter than an African.

On the world, there is a discussion of whether gifted children are educated in normal schools or in private schools. In both cases there are positive or negative aspects. In some applications, it was observed that gifted children studying in normal schools were able to raise the levels of other children. It has also been observed that the socialization problems of gifted children have disappeared. Sometimes it is seen that the gifted child was bored by the speed of learning, and his interest was disoriented and worn. Since there are not many studies in this area in our country, we have seen that many clever children are lazy and stupid and when the reason for this is investigated, the truth is revealed.

I read in the newspapers that the person who was the smartest person in the world lived alone in Australia and did not communicate with anyone. My second experience for me when I was studying at the university Çorumlu Nedim Yilmaz my friend in the first time he saw a new note and the new note that we are a foreign subject when we saw that I thought it was a joke. I’ve taken the large-size page to tell the subject again when I asked him to point to the point I have witnessed the same way.

Vergis Koshi studied computer engineering in 1981. The Ceylon Tax finished a 28-year-old university in one year, despite the fact that its intelligence was poorly understood in the poorest country. Then he completed his master’s degree and doctorate in the USA in 3 years. He solved the complex and difficult issues that everyone had in 4 hours, in 15 minutes. Vergis2’s intelligence was finally understood to be 182.

Indian Tathagat Avatar Tulsi was a 20-year-old, doctoral person at a young age. Tulsi graduated from the high school at the age of 9, at the age of 10, and his master’s degree at the age of 12. In the field of quantum physics.

In the USA and India examples, gifted individuals were allowed to graduate early from their schools. However, the situation is different in our country. This completely reveals the perspectives of countries to the education system.

In our country, the central system has not been useful for gifted children, although intelligence surveys have been conducted in recent years. It was often seen that the teacher did not agree with the child whose assessment was superior intelligence and the school did not know what to do in such a situation.

Millions of gifted people live unconscious. In recent years, schools have been screened for intelligence. Previously, examinations were made according to world standards and lifestyles. At the moment, these exams were made suitable for the structure of our country. A more realistic measurement is made by removing the questions of the neighbors of the foreign countries and the private life of them.

In some sense, our world has returned to the dumpster. In other words, it is clear that we cannot benefit from the existing values. There are educational institutions that can provide special education in a few provinces of our country. Again, Israel ranks first.

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