The reason you can’t lose weight Hormones may be!

The reason you can't lose weight Hormones may be!

Because of their appetite and metabolism effects, hormones in some diseases may experience problems similar to the changes in fat distribution and structure distribution in the body. Liv Hospital Endocrinology and Dr. Serpil Salman also explained the hormonal problems that delay weight loss.

Insulin Resistance
Insulin provides the passage of the sugar in the blood into the cell. If there is a problem in this mechanism, more insulin is secreted and blood sugar is tried to be adjusted. In this case, the functions of insulin related to fat metabolism is exaggerated. Fatigue and weight gain in the abdominal region are more common. People with insulin resistance are less tolerant of hunger and easy weight and difficult to give.

With the decrease in thyroid hormone levels, the tendency to lose weight may increase more. Because in this case both metabolism slows down and the body is kept in water. But hypothyroid is not the main cause of pronounced obesity. It appears to be a factor increasing the current problem. Excessive amounts of thyroid hormone to try to lose weight trying to lose heart rhythm irregularity, can lead to serious problems such as bone resorption. Therefore, attenuation in this way should not be preferred.

In the body fat distribution, sex hormones are very important. In women, estrogen decreases with menopause. In this case, the location of the fat in the abdomen in the body is completed.

Cushing’s Syndrome
It is a symptom of obesity, where most of the symptoms are rare, such as fat in the abdomen, thinning in the arms and legs, which is caused by a tumor in which cortisol is secreted excessively.

Cortisone given as the drug can be converted to cortisol in the body and can make similar effects. Cortisol is a hormone released from your body by stress. However, stress is also a controversial issue that will cause weight gain.

Growth hormone
It is a hormone that determines the fat distribution with body fat content. In fat, growth hormone is lower but if there is no deficiency in the disease level, growth hormone should not be recommended as treatment.

The First Step Healthy Eating!

Insulin Resistance
All foods made of simple sugar, fruit juice, processed food, pastries made with white flour, ready food should be avoided. Butter should be replaced with olive oil and fried vegetables instead of boiled vegetables.

Apart from drug treatments, you can run your metabolism with plenty of water and fiber consumption. More energy can be consumed, and the nutrients that are consumed in snacks accelerate your metabolism.

Excessive Release of Cortisol Hormone
If the cortisol hormone is overexposed, you must leave salt and sugar. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, yoghurts, salmon, mushrooms, bananas such as potassium-rich foods should be consumed.

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