What Are The Symptoms Of Baby Boy

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The first question that comes to your parents’ mind when they are pregnant is wondering what the sex of the baby will be and whether it will be a boy or a girl. And how is the baby to be male? For those who want to have a baby, here are the tips.
If you’re wondering if your baby is a girl or a boy,
* If you did not feel nausea in your early pregnancy,

* If your baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 beats per minute,

* If you have gained more weight than your front,

* If your waist looks like a basketball,

* If you carry your baby lower in your abdomen,

* If salty and minus food is your permanent life,

* If you eat protein (such as meats and cheese),

* If your feet are colder than you were before your pregnancy,

* If the bristles in your legs grow faster than ever,

* If your hands are drier,

* If your baby is on the right side of your blood,

* If your pillows are facing north when you are asleep,

* • If your partner is also gaining weight with you,

* If pregnancy gives you a better image than before,

* If your urine is bright yellow,

* If this is spreading on your face,

* If you are drawing circles when you hold your wedding ring on your belly,

* If you have headaches,

* When you add the date of conception to your age, when you add the number of the month you are pregnant, the number of your baby is kalma

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