Sexual education in children has an important place in the development of our children and healthy generations. Children should start sexual education, prenatal. This process is the one-time continuous process that differs in different periods leading to the end of adolescence. Child begins sexual education from the family. Parents should give the child the opportunity to present the cleanest, most accurate information. Parents should give brief and concise information that will satisfy the curiosity of the child instead of detailed information.

It is possible to divide the stages of sexual education into three as pre-school, school and adolescence. In each semester the child’s questions and level of knowledge will change.

It is quite normal for the child to ask questions with sexual content, innocent and is caused only by curiosity. The child asks himself questions about himself, his gender, and his trying to get to know life. However, parents can misunderstand and panic. It’s a good time to let her know when the kid starts asking questions about sexuality. Questions should not be left unanswered. It is not a boast that the child does not ask questions. In the meantime, the embarrassment of the child may give negative results in this process. Talking about sexual matters is a condition that concerns both the mother and the father. The mother figure for girls and for boys, the father figure is an example and it is best to discuss the subjects openly. Children need to be able to talk to their parents about their teenage age changes and information before their puberty. The male asks for changes in his body. He wondered why it was hardened and wetted, haired, and muscle structure changed. The girl asks for changes in her period and body. Adolescent children who receive the necessary information before adolescence passes this period healthier.

Healthy boy learns by asking question. These questions are also related to the sexual knowledge and attitudes of adults. If the child has adequate and quality education at home, he / she will not need to obtain information from outside or will have the opportunity to eliminate the wrong at least will not lose time.

The value judgments of society should be given in sexual education.

With sexual education before adolescence, the child can cope more easily with mental and physical changes. The most important part of sexual education is the teaching of privacy. The child should not show or touch anyone’s genitals. The child should knock on the door as he enters the bedroom and you should also knock as he enters his private room. The child must have a separate room and he should lie there.

When communicating with the parent child, it is very important to provide accurate and consistent information and to inform and inform his / her age. Curiosity is quite common for a child. It is important for the health of the child to correct the curiosity with the correct information.

These curious questions about sexuality must be provided by the family.

Since our age is the age of technology, it would not be nice for the child to get unhealthy information from internet and television. This will affect the child’s trust in his family and will prevent him from having a good sexual identity. As with everything else, the trust between mother, father and child is above everything. A child who trusts his family will not turn out.

Parents give their children sexual education and make them happy and healthy. This is so important that individuals who receive sexual education can transfer happiness and health to even the next generations.

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