Who is Saikawa, the protest of Carlos Ghosn?

Who is Saikawa, the protest of Carlos Ghosn?
Who is Saikawa, the protest of Carlos Ghosn?

Who is Saikawa, the protest of Carlos Ghosn?

PORTRAIT Hiroto Saikawa, Nissan’s current boss, was part of Carlos Ghosn’s bodyguard.
The current Nissan boss, Hiroto Saikawa, was part of the guardianship of Carlos Ghosn. He’s the one who put the super boss down. On Thursday he proposed and dismissed an extraordinary board of directors
“Attack and resentment”
Hiroto Saikawa, 65, shook the “dark side” of Carlos Ghosn’s undivided reign, on the basis of the findings of an internal investigation, and on Monday, without waiting for the results of the judicial investigations. “I feel deep disappointment, frustration, even despair. Anger and resentment,” he said, I wish him pain.

One evening was a 20-year relationship. In April 2017, Hiroto Saikawa was knighted by Carlos Ghosn, who commissioned the group’s executive decisions to focus on the unification of the alliance. “There is a time when you have to surrender to someone else. I told you that I always wanted a Japanese to achieve me and that I had prepared Hiroto Saikawa,” Franco explained to him at the time, showing his confidence.

With his flowing hair, glasses and a serious appearance, he became a Japanese manager in Nissan, a 1977 career. He graduated from the prestigious University of Tokyo. He later worked in Europe, but his ascent began following Carlos Ghosn, who arrived in Tokyo in 1999, and was merely to fix the tough Nissan, which combined with Renault Renault.

Hiroto Saikawa rose from the bottom of his wings and worked with his colleagues to cut costs and negotiate with suppliers. He chained various managerial positions from the United States to Europe, and in 2013 he became the director of competition.

He was also on board with Renault between 2006 and 2016, and was noted for the harshness of the crisis that shook the 2015 alliance and was determined to defend Renault’s autonomy. Nissan faces the “threat” of the French state.

Outside Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa was chaired by the powerful Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). His discretion, dedication, and attention to detail is highly appreciated by his peers if he considers the local press a business intelligence that separates him from other Japanese officials.

These qualities may have seduced Carlos Ghosn when choosing a successor. However, the dismissal of the hierarchy boss, who had held the Japanese company for years with an iron fist, seems to have left an open field for years of anger.

Carlos Ghosn is probably a great boss, but in terms of his human qualities, I would like to say: “help!” “, An anonymous Nissan administrator on Thursday. One episode disturbed Hiroto Saikawa, who has been shaken since he was responsible for the discovery of distortions in the inspection of vehicles in Japan.

In July, after the discovery of a new scandal, Carlos Ghosn rejected the task of commanding his vacation on a Japanese island, according to Japanese media. In recent months, Hiroto Saikawa began to differentiate himself when an internal investigation was carried out in the greatest secrecy about the alleged material malpractice of the alliance’s powerful male. . Our mission is to end the practices of the past, ı he said with a mysterious formula before he showed an anti-merger with Renault in January.

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