Why is we cut from milk

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Why is we cut from milk
Weaning will cause, your baby is not enough to breastfeed your milk if you do not suffice to offer gold worth.
If the baby does not absorb:

Some babies do not want to absorb breast milk when they first come to the world. The reason for this is that it is not sufficiently developed in the mother’s womb or that she was born prematurely. In both possibilities, the baby is a weak infant. Thus, the baby’s lip muscles will not be strong enough to absorb milk from the mother’s breast. No matter how hungry the baby is, lip does not develop lip muscles and can not absorb breast milk. In this case, the mother grieves in a state of sadness and a day or two of this condition continues to cut the milk.
In this case, instead of accepting the situation of the mother-in-law instead of just taking a milk towing device from the pharmacy, the milk with this device into a container to empty the baby with a small spoon to drink milk. In addition, milk pulls and pull the milk, milk to transfer the milk to the baby to try to give this way again. The point to be noted here is that the mother of the bottle of the bottle is as small as possible, which allows the baby to get used to the mother’s breast with time.

In addition, infants may sometimes have intra-oral wounds called canker sores and infants may not be able to absorb breast milk. If this is the case, you should treat your baby’s mouth wounds. And during this period, you must take the milk again with a spoon and milk.

What are the reasons for weaning?

If your milk is low:

If your baby is breastfeeding at regular intervals, your baby is not gaining weight, if you are constantly crying after every breast, your milk is probably low and your baby is starving. Lack of breast milk is sometimes caused by malnutrition and sometimes by mental distress.

In such a case, the mother should change the diet and switch to a healthier, milk-enhancing diet. It should stay away from stress as much as possible. No matter how little it comes, breastfeeding should not be deprived of the baby, the baby should still be breastfed until the mother’s milk is multiplied, but supplemented with cow’s milk if necessary.

If milk is not delivered immediately after birth:

Under normal conditions, breast milk is delivered immediately after birth. However, sometimes breastfeeding may take 3 days, 5 days or sometimes 1 week.

In this case the mother should definitely not be alarmed and saddened. She should try to breastfeed her baby as if she were milking. Because the filling of milk in the mother’s breast milk is initiated by hormones. When the baby suckles, the hormones will be stimulated and the baby will start to secrete milk. In the meantime, the baby should be fed the baby with a small opening of the bottle to get the food required.

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