The Importance of Maternal Health

maternal health and care, factors affecting maternal health

The importance of maternal health,
They die because of birth. What should be done during this period when the risk of death is high.
United Nations Population Fund, Family Planning saves lives, with the slogan “birth intervals should be at least 2 years,” they started out.
According to a study by the UN, family planning is the problem of the whole world. In the study, two hundred million women in the world do not know the meaning of family planning and accordingly, twenty-three million unwanted pregnancies are experienced each year. Twenty-two million abortions, nearly one hundred and fifty thousand maternal deaths and 1.4 million infant deaths occur.
Most infant and maternal deaths occur in underdeveloped and developing countries
The survey of the situation in Turkey is not very good.
Every day, dozens of women die from birth-related causes.

If the mother loses her life during delivery, the risk of death of the baby is increased by 8 times.

To ensure that the vision of the UN Population Fund is to spread family planning all over the world, to choose the number of children and to have the parents together. And family planning is estimated to save 175,000 women a year.

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