What are the Benefits of Turquoise Stone?

What are the Benefits of Turquoise Stone?

Turquoise is one of the strongest among the healing stones. Another name of the turquoise stone is the Firuze stone.
The turquoise stone has colors such as blue, sky blue and bluish gray close to green. The line color is white or light blue. It is known as a symbol of balance, action and long-term friendship. Turquoise is a stone identified with the months of May and December. Turquoise stone is identified with many towers. These are the signs of bull, spike, goat, scorpion, bow, bucket and fish. The chakra identified is the larynx.
The turquoise stone, which is found naturally in the form of kidneys in the form of kidney-shaped tubers, has been presumed to have been used by humans for the first time four centuries ago. In addition to the name of Firuze, it is also known as Turkish Blue. The reason for this is that the French took the Turks from Europe during the Crusades and gave it the name of Turkish Blue. Among the best quality of turquoise stones are stones with a clear sky-blue color and non-vein. The turquoise and green colored ones are called turquoise stones. The turquoise stone must be protected from sunlight and heat due to its water content. Although these stones are intended to be protected by protection with pine resin, this is not the right form of protection. Because; The benefit of the turquoise stone is that it has a porous structure that has experienced water and air. These stones, with a decrease in water content when it is very dry, turns green. The turquoise stone has many benefits. The turquoise stone, which prevents bone melting, also alleviates headaches. The turquoise stone which has the feature of reducing cough also provides a relaxing effect at the same time.
Another benefit of this healing stone is that it helps to eliminate sexual problems. It is believed to protect the person from evil.
This precious stone, which regulates the absorption of nutrients by cells, also plays an effective role in providing emotional balance.
Turquoise stone, which plays a good role in regulating blood circulation, also supports the respiratory system, it is good for heart diseases.
Turquoise regulates blood pressure and has protective effects against poisoning.
It has a feature of color changing effected by liquids secreted by one’s mood. It has a noticeable quality to the person with color change.

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