What to eat during pregnancy

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What to eat during pregnancy
What should be eaten during pregnancy? Mothers are the nutrients you need to consume for your own health and nutrition and to bring your baby into a healthy world. SPINACH
Spinach contains nutrients such as folic acid, iron and vitamin C, which help you maintain a healthy blood level, help fight infections, and protect your baby’s developing spine.
Milk and milk products help your baby’s bone development.
Omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and trout help the baby’s eyes and brain develop in a healthy way. It also protects you against high blood pressure and premature birth.
4. OAT
Oats helps balance blood sugar levels and increases your energy.
Breads made from whole wheat bread and other whole grain flours, such as rye, increase your energy level and help the baby’s development.

Warning: Pregnant women should not consume more than two small boxes of canned tuna per week due to their high content of mercury.

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