Google may change the name of the AMP feature

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Google may change the name of the AMP feature
Google, the leading name of the search engine market, is planning to change name in AMP.

Google as the leading and most visited name of the search engine market, especially mobile devices with low-speed internet users on behalf of the special service AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) announced the announcement. Together with this service, the team, which allows its users to reach the pages much faster, is now preparing to change the name of this service.

Tests carried out by Google revealed that the name changed to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Meanwhile, Google’s AMP service’s name was changed to sonra Instant özellik, while the feature was restored to be released later.

It is not known when the u Instant u option will be opened to all users, but the, instant in meaning of the Turkish word is kullanıc instant in.

Analysts, who make important explanations about the sector and do researches, will definitely not replace the AMP and will continue on its way to the AMP. With Google’s ac Instant plan option, it is thought that it will highlight important developments with important current news in the ranking.

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